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Wild Spaces

Composer, Multi Instrumentalist, Luthier, Educator, Rav/Handpan Perfomer

Hello Friends,

as  a Multi instrumentalist, teacher and artisan, performing on Guitar, Handpan, Rav and a variety of World Instruments. Using a song based teaching method, I have worked the last six years teaching Handpan and Rav Students all over the world. My core musical belief is that we are all inherently musicians and awakening our individuated abilities is often a life changing experience.

Join the community and  elevate your playing
I am available for performances, group workshops and lessons Via Zoom.
Please be in touch to schedule a lesson!

About the Artist

Music is a universal language. The capacity to communicate through sound, whether vocal or instrumental, is one of the aspects of our humanity that adds richness to our life.
I have spent much of my time here exploring nature, studying natural medicine, building and creating.
All of my life experiences inform and direct my musical compass.
My hope is to inspire others, through my music and actions, to engage with and take responsibility for their lives, to RewildYourSoul.

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